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Errantry Anthem

Errantry Anthem words: © 2015 John C. Bunnell music: “Don’t Slay That Potato” (Tom Paxton) Inspired by Diane Duane’s “Young Wizards” novels (and some of the fanworks that have drawn on them).  Oh, magic, they say, is a game for the young, that’s played for the ultimate stake. It comes with a language unique and …

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Silver Or Gold (an Instafilk)

Well, semi-insta.  I was in a major mall yesterday, abruptly encountered a Major Line (very neatly organized, mind you, but a Major Line), and was trying to figure out what was going on when I realized that I was passing the Apple Store. The filk trigger, however, didn’t hit till this morning, when I caught …

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After Cambreadth

After Cambreadth words © 1995 John C. Bunnell music: Heather Alexander (“March of Cambreadth”) The original song to which this one replies is legendary in the filk world for generating energetic sing-alongs and overwhelming recalcitrant hotel management into submission. But at root it’s a martial number and a prelude to battle, which prompted me to …

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