Short Fiction

The short stories I’ve published to date are listed below; click a story’s title for more information about that story, including a brief excerpt.  Clicking on an anthology title will take you (in most cases) to Powell’s Books, or in a couple of cases to the anthology’s publisher.  Note that many of the anthologies are out of print, and used copies may or may not be easily available.

July 2010 • What’s Opera Season  • Scalzi/Wheaton Fanfic Contest

2005 • Dances With Coyotes Fantastic Companions

Winter 2003 • The Pirates of Capella • Artemis Magazine

2000 • Free Will • Bruce Coville’s Strange Worlds

1999 • A Million Copies in Print • Bruce Coville’s Shapeshifters

1998 • This Is A Test • Horrors! 365 Scary Stories

1996 • The Ultimate Compliment • Deals With the Devil

1996 • The Very Long Distance Wrong Number • Bruce Coville’s Book 0f Aliens II

1993 • The Masque of the Red Pencil • Swashbuckling Editor Stories

1989 • Only Your Imagination • Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine