(Re)Construction in Progress

It’s been a quiet year – mostly – here in Darkest Suburbia, though not without its complications. At any rate, the current ongoing drama in the Twittersphere has me contemplating my Webspaces and doing some long-overdue tinkering (among other things, I need to update some of the “About SF & Fantasy” essays) . As usual when I get one of these urges, I find myself wanting to play with the look of things and rebuild bits of the superstructure, and as a result, visitors may find parts of the site trickier to get in and out of over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, there may – repeat, may – also be occasional musings about life, the universe, and my current media fixations forthcoming (probably mostly the latter).

And now back to your regularly scheduled fall weather advisory: cold, damp, and ready for a short winter’s nap.