Everything Old Is, Well, Old Again

One of my grand plans for this site has been (and continues to be) to set up a complete archive of my book reviews — a dozen years of Dragon columns, reviews from various iterations of Amazing Stories, and so forth.  I have now begun that (very large) project, as a glance downward will reveal.  Obviously this is going to take awhile, but I have a scanner and I know — more or less — how to use it.

As I begin posting new content more regularly, of course, you won’t see the backdated reviews (or older song lyrics) hit the front page of the site as I post them — although I’ll try to remember to mention particularly interesting items as I get them into the archives.  And you’ll be able to see, by a glance at/through the “What Has Gone Before” column in the sidebar, that there’s suddenly content from before the Web as we know it even existed.

We start with the very first contributions I made to Dragon, back at the end of 1984….