This Is A Test

Maybe the aliens aren’t studying us for the reasons we think….

365 Scary Stories
This Is A Test
Horrors! 365 Scary Stories
Barnes & Noble • 1998

“The stories in this book are short but they have the same impact as any story three times their length.”

Sonya Renee Chapman,

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A black metallic teardrop hovered silently in the night sky, almost invisible against the stars above and the rugged landscape below.  Within it, in an elliptical chamber, two human forms lay silently on cool platforms of some faintly iridescent material.

A slender gray figure entered the chamber and addressed another of its kind.  “Technant: report.”

The second figure looked up from its work.  “Administrant: both subjects were tested and modified according to appropriate parameters.”


The Technant motioned with a shiny-skinned, six-fingered hand toward one of the sleeping humans.  “Subject One was found suitable for alpha modification.  Standard alpha abduction/examination memories were imprinted, non-physical memory blocks placed, and a corresponding delayed-action virus programmed to remove the blocks over an appropriate period.”

The Administrant inclined its head slightly.  “The subject’s identity profile has been recorded?”

“Yes,” said the Technant.  “Local-species information exchange media will be monitored, and data concerning the subject collected.  No variance from successful camouflage effect is expected.”

“The subject is ready for return?”

The Technant inclined its own head.  “Administrant: yes.”

The Administrant studied the unmoving female form with lidless green eyes.  “Acceptable.  And the other?”