Good Grief, It’s OryCon Again!

Thanks to the astonishingly kind and forgiving folk on OryCon 39‘s programming staff (you’re better off not knowing the details), I will once again be a busy and active panelist this coming weekend.  For the four and a half people who may be interested*, here’s where I’ll be:

Friday, Nov. 17

2:00 pm • Voice & Style • Lion King’s Den (266)

Gra Linnaea | John C. Bunnell, Andrew S. Fuller, Catherine McGuire, Dave Smeds

10:00 pm • Historical Figures in Fantasy • Pendleton

Alan M. Clark | John C. Bunnell, Esther Jones, Pat MacEwen, Sheila Simonson

Saturday, Nov. 18

11:00 am • Ghost in the Machine, or Grandpa? • Spokane Suite (266)

Brenda Cooper | John C. Bunnell, Sheila Finch, John A Pitts, Daniel H. Wilson

3:00 pm • Star Trek: Discovery • Lovejoy

Curtis C. Chen | John C. Bunnell, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Jennifer Willis, Rob Wynne

6:00 pm • Urban Fantasy Made Real • Lovejoy

Tori Centanni | John C. Bunnell, Craig English, Lee French, Stephanie L. Weippert

Sunday, Nov. 19

11:00 am • Diversity in Fiction: Do’s and Don’ts • Lion King’s Den (266)

Benjamin Hsu | Josh Boykin, John C. Bunnell, Laurel Anne Hill, Jessica Walsh

12:00 noon • Superheroes in Times of Crisis • Wenatchee (166 – Parlor)

Marshall Ryan Maresca | John C. Bunnell, Eva L. Elasigue, Blaze Ward


*All right, six.  Maybe seven if my brother decides to get a day pass at the last minute.