Michael and the Captains

Premiered at OryCon last weekend. This one came together very quickly, but took some effort to finalize (the tune is rather more complicated than you’d think given the nature of the source).

Michael and the Captains

Words: © 2017 John C. Bunnell
music: “H. R. Pufnstuf”

Once upon a double star,
Not too far from now and here,
A young and determined officer
Thought she saw her duty clear:

She thought she could prevent a war, ere the fight began;
Instead she watched her captain die (“That wasn’t in the plan!”)
As a mutineer she was hidden away, imprisoned till her dying day,
While the war grew fierce and hot, more pain unleashed with ev’ry shot,
Alone and lost, she couldn’t endure the cost;
The stars ran red, too many dead, and the war went on and on and on and on and on and on….

But then another captain came, dismissed her fear, refused her shame;
He said he held a secret ace, he offered purpose and a place;
A chance to make the difference, as she had hoped before;
If she would only join his crew, why, they might win the war!
It was, she knew, her only chance to make amends for prior sin,
And yet, should she rejoin the dance, what might she have to do to win?

Michael, time to fly;
Would you really rather die?
Michael, don’t you see;
You can’t beat the Klingons if you don’t come with me.

Captain, count me in;
Black Alert and let’s begin;
Captain, use me well;
I’ll never see Heaven but I’ll join you in H*ll.  [x2]