It’s Aliiiive!!! (and reading)

And so, after a much-too-long hiatus, we return — with, I hope, rather more frequent updating in the weeks and months to come.  At the very least, I anticipate regular posts restoring the lyric archive from the old SFF Net site, and I also want to continue gradually importing the considerable file of reviews from my columns in Dragon and  Amazing Stories.  Also, this year’s pilgrimage to Ashland is coming up next month, and that will warrant a report or two.

Meanwhile, keep watching the virtual skies.  And the literary ones; let me give a shout-out here to one of my favorite pre-release reads this year, David D. Levine’s Arabella of Mars, due out next week.  In a publishing landscape dominated by dystopian angst, this is a book that unabashedly celebrates its science-fictional sense of wonder.  Too few SF novels these days are actually fun to read; it’s refreshing to recommend one that is.